Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Slacker Slacker... Ketchup and Mustdo

Hey!!! So like two weeks ago I went to Shipshewana, Indiana with my friend Sarah, her sister and her mom. I failed to take pictures of everything... It's a large Amish town and has a huge flea market (not Amish run as much as we expected) twice a week through the summer. It was HOT. When I get hot and sweaty I think of NOTHING but the hot and sweatiness. So... I took pictures of cows we passed in a truck outside of the auction house...

Yup... C-O-W-S...

I spent $100. I got:
  1. three tshirts
  2. a mug
  3. rock candy
  4. two glitter paints
  5. an Amish bonnet... pics to come soon
  6. a Nascar jacket for my dog (seriously)
  7. hair bow for Macey
  8. three Pomeranian magnet things
  9. a little red leather purse
  10. a purse for my assitant
  11. pink clip in hair extensions
  12. a pretzel and multiple drinks
  13. a tshirt for my mama since she watched the pups
  14. a yard of white and pale pink striped jersey knit
  15. solar dancing bunny (it's head nods... it's cute)
I think that's it... We also ate at an "Amish" style restaurant. I had chicken noodles with mashed potatoes and the most amazing peanut butter spread on a mini loaf of bread! I'd love to go back some time, but it's a 3 1/2 hour drive... ARGH!

So on to the Mustdo (like Mustard- haha!) part of my post....

I LOVE bottled root beer... and I CANNOT throw away the bottles when I'm done. It seems wasteful... and recycling seems like I'm giving away something that holds immense promise of craftiness. My friend said it's called hoarding... ha! isn't he funny? Anyway... I'm really loving these yarn bottle ideas...

What color or colors or even patterns would you do on a bottle? I seriously have like 20 in my cabinet...

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