Monday, October 11, 2010

Etsy Ponderings...

I spent $12 today on a yard each of 6 different colors of satin... I've been bitten by the singed flower bug... and I'm overflowing with ideas! I really want to start an Etsy shop to sell what I make (especially with 6 yards of satin to work with), but I'm nervous about the paypal/etsy costs and more than anything the shipping. I have no idea what shipping costs and I'm nowhere near a post office, plus with work post offices are all closed by the time I get out. I've heard there's a post office with an electronic shipping thing at the post office... I may have to go check that out. My first and last giveaway I tried to ship things and ended up with broken pieces back... still working on that one.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Do you currently or have you ever had an etsy shop? Thoughts on paypal? I know they each take a percentage- is it still worth it? Just wondering...

Thanks to all!

P.S. laptop had blue screen of death for six hours- I've been flipping and stressing trying to fix it... I'm hoping I fixed it and this isn't just a fluke!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Come on Fall Break!


The more faith you have,
The more you believe,

The more goals you set,

The more you'll achieve...

So reach for the stars,

Pick a mountain to climb,

Dare to think big,

And give yourself time...

And, remember no matter
How futile things seem,

With faith, there is no

Impossible dream!

-Alice Joyce Davidson

One day til two week fall break... so excited to craft and blog!
Do you know what $
10 can buy you at a Flea Market? $2 glass cheese dome with wood base $1 wood wine box filled with corks $2 ruffly skirt $3 book from 1845 with handwritten momentos in it from the owner $1 poetry book $1 Etiquette book from 1943 Okay... well the skirt came from Goodwill... but STILL! I was SUCH a happy shopper that day with my cart of goodies! Can't wait to share more- and pictures!


Amy Jean

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