Sunday, January 31, 2010


Okay, I have found... the best... the greatest... the most AWESOME etsy shops! I was searching for some pastel pearls to use on a necklace I was going to make. In my search I happened upon a pair of pearl earrings at the One Dollar Jewelry shop. Not only does she have tons of fun and pretty pieces, they are all really cheap and shipping is only 75 cents!!! The most expensive thing she has on this shop is a $15 necklace people!!! She has 192 items listed and only 8 are over $10!!! Anyways, I ended up ordering FOUR pairs of earrings... here they are:

One Dollar Jewelry

Pink hearts anyone? For Valentine's day maybe?

Guess what?!?!?! $1.00. ONE DOLLAR!!! And shipping??? 75 cents (50 cents when you order more than one piece)!!!

$1.00... again.. SERIOUSLY


$2.00... whoa big spender! :P I LOVE IT!!!

Had my eye on this piece too... maybe next time!

($10 by the way)
This one is so simple, pretty, and elegant... I love it.

She has another shop too, by the way. The items cost a little more, free shipping at the moment, but one look and you will know why I am in love with everything! These are some of my favorites:


I didn't copy these prices... but I love how this flower necklace seems to glow in the light! It's definitely my favorite piece if I HAD to pick one... although it's really hard to choose just one!

This tea cup necklace has a story behind it, and a galaxy inside of it... I love story pieces!

This piece makes me think of a pearl in an opened clam/oyster whichever it is... I love the simple beauty of all her pieces in this shop.

Okay, so after you enter my giveaway you need to get yourself over to Nat's shops NOW!!! Do you see these beautiful crazily affordable pieces that you will love forever?!?!? Go get some!!!

Never Wanted to Win a Giveaway So BADLY!

Go on over to
Tales from an OC Cottage
and check out her amazingly awesome giveaway... it has pink, it has hearts, it has glitter, it has everything you could ever want in a giveaway!
(I want to win! LOL)

Friday, January 29, 2010


Okay, here it goes... first of all- here's my Pink Saturday post. It's a large canvas acrylic painting I did the night I found out my mom needed to have double bypass surgery. It has hearts instead of leaves so I thought it was fitting for Beverly's challenge!

Here's my GIVEAWAY!!!!

I'm considering opening an Etsy shop... but we'll see what the future holds for that. In the mean time I have 11 followers, which 11 just happens to be my FAVORITE number, and I have these items that I made that I'd like to share with some of you!!!

First Up: Ceramic tiles, scrapbook paper, permanent marker, mod podge, and some ribbon...
Then you get these adorable little wall hangings... they are 6x6 inches and ready for you to love!

Second Up: wire, beads, ribbon, lobster clasps... You get these darlings. The ribbons shown are brown, silver, and gold, but I also have thin black ribbon, a pale blue, yellow, ivory, red, and green if you'd like a different color. The ribbon is about 17-18 inches long.

So how do you enter to win? Here ya go:

1. Leave a comment on this entry (be sure to leave me an email to contact you at!)
2. Become a follower (leave a separate comment telling me)
3. Blog it on your blog (leave another comment telling me)
4. Refer someone over here and have them mention your name or blog (I'll give you an entry for every person you refer!)

That means if you do each you have at least 4 chances... more depending on how many people you can get on over here!

I'm thinking I'll pick a first, second, and third winner using the random number generator. First winner gets one of each, second and third gets their choice of one!
Enter by Tuesday at midnight and winners will be announced Wednesday evening. Hope to hear from you!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

First EVER Giveaway

My favorite number is 11.
I now have 11 followers.
So, Saturday I will be having a Giveaway... my first ever. Tune in then for details!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My mom got released from the hospital Saturday (January 23rd) after undergoing a double heart bypass that Tuesday. She is home and doing very well recovery wise. She's struggling with following doctor's orders on limitations and dieting, but we continue to try to support her in that. She's only 52 so it's very scary to think of someone having all of this happen at that age. Thank you for prayers and thoughts. They really helped.

Also, I'm still trying to get back in the swing of things and deal with life that has continued to go on as my mom was hospitalized. I hope to get some pictures of the crafts I've done the last few months posted and get to work on some other new projects. I'm hoping to make my own planner- but first of all clean up the crap room! (Then I'll call it the craft room again)

Much Love!

Queen Bee jewelry Giveaway over @ Beneath My Heart

Traci (whom we LOVE) over at Beneath My Heart is hosting a giveaway from Amanda at Queen Bee Designs. She has some super cute stamped pieces, so you have to hurry over and enter to win! You have until midnight Thursday!

(Personally, I am in love with the "Keep it Simple" necklace!)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Prayers Needed

Okay fellow blogging friends... I took my mom to the hospital Saturday night at midnight with chest pains. I made her take an aspirin before I let her get in the car. The pain went away and everything came back clear so that hospital sent her home at 4:30am to take aspirin and scheduled a stress test.

My aunt calls me at 10 yesterday morning to tell me my mom is still having chest pains. I call and my mom doesn't want to go to the hospital, just wants more aspirin. I take her aspirin and tell her if its still bad in half an hour I'm taking her to another hospital with a heart center. I take her in around 1 by the time we get there. They find elevated heart enzymes which is a sign of a heart problem (this all came out of the blue and totally unexpected)...

My mom calls me this morning and says they are taking her in in five minutes for a heart cauterization. We get there and the heart doctor tells us she has an 80% blockage in one of the arteries to her heart. She has to have bypass surgery tomorrow at 6:15am and is totally losing it over fear about the surgery and fear over having to be off work and not being able to pay bills.

We need your prayers. I'll keep updates on here and may open an etsy shop shortly to try to sell paintings and crafts to help with any bills I can.

Much love to all of you and yours,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Long Time No See...

Here's some of what I was up to the last month when I wasn't blogging...

Tote bag for one of my friend's four daughters whom I love...
(bought the bag, made the cupcake with felt and glued the pieces together, added ribbon, and wrote with shirt paint)

(didn't realize the pic was sideways until after uploading)

(so I added the one of the cat giving his stamp of approval)

My friend's youngest daughter just got her own bedroom for the very first time, she wanted a Webkinz room... so I freehanded these from looking at the icons on the website and then painted it on a flat canvas with acrylics....

Her third daughter got these headbands with felt roses glued on them that I made. She's all about being a girly girl...

And the oldest who loves purple and monkeys, got this hat box that I mod podged paper on and the little monkey is handpainted by me (bought blank at Michaels) and glued on the top... was supposed to be for the jewelry making stuff her mom got her- but that ended up distributed between all the girls.

And lastly...

I got my little Charlie neutered, so here we are- beginning week 2 of the conehead. He gets to stop wearing it on Thursday!

I have to thank all of you ahead of time as I go through a very difficult situation at this point in time. I am questioning myself and full of doubt with the choices I have made in life. I am working hard to overcome the shadows of my past that have defined me and made me into someone with almost no confidence who doesn't feel good enough for anyone. It has effected my entire life, and now it is effecting my career. So I now look ahead this year, just ahead to tomorrow really, and pray that I will be a little stronger than I was today... and another small step towards being more confident. Reading your blogs and experiencing the inspiration that I get from each of your crafts and posts is what brightens my every day. I am so extremely thankful for my friends and family who are supporting me as I deal with accepting that what I have worked so hard at isn't good enough for where I need to be in my fifth year of my job and doing everything in my power to break free of the past that has defined me for too long. I want to be the person I dreamed of being as a little girl, instead of the person I have let myself get trapped into by those who brought me down.

Much love to all of you and the very best of wishes...

More Sincerely than you will ever know,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Check out Disney@~Ruffles and Stuff~

Okay, so while I totally want to win the beautiful heart necklace she's just created and know this will bring more entries to her giveaway for you guys Disney is just too creative to not share (and I do get an extra entry for myself by posting this)! Go on over and join her awesome giveaway!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

~New Years To Do~

I've spent my two weeks vacation from school reading my Google Reader blog subscriptions, crafting Christmas gifts, but MOST importantly- spending LOTS and LOTS of time with some great friends that I couldn't live without. Now I look to school starting back Monday with a panic. I have so much to do that isn't done! My camera also threw a fit and wasn't working, so I have it going again (thanks to some hot pink Duct tape) and will have pics to post soon of my crafty projects and flea market finds. My poor puppy Charlie got neutered on Thursday and is running around with a cone on his head. Not that it is effecting him at all- he's still driving everyone insane. Long story short- here's my to do list!

1. finish last touches on Pay It Forward gifts and ship them out!
2. post pics on here of crafts
3. organize the craft stuff

My cleaning to do list (I picked up a book called The One-Minute Organizer Plain and Simple by Donna Smallin, it is a quick and easy read of simple tips)
Here's my list of things to have cleaned and organized by my birthday (March 17th):
  1. clear pile from corner of kitchen
  2. pantry
  3. craft table in kitchen
  4. counter
  5. laptop work counter
  6. drawers in paper file
  7. kitchen shelf
  8. entertainment center
  9. hall closet
  10. craft room floor (boxes)
  11. craft room desk
  12. craft closet
  13. spare bedroom
  14. bedroom closet
  15. bedroom shelf
  16. end of bed pile
  17. dresser drawers
  18. dresser top
So- I've taken the first step, made a list of what needs to be done and broken it down into simple things, and giving myself a deadline. My next step is to spend 15 or more minutes a day cleaning. My plan is to buy some of those super cute reusable shopping bags and hang one in each room on a door knob or hook. I'll use each bag to hold things that don't belong in that room so that I can just take the bag and put things in their rightful place after I have finished the above list. Good luck all! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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