Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Inspiration: Wandering Walmart

I seriously wish I could afford to buy all of this right now. Check out the Walmart spring goodness:

Candles $5 each, the top three set are Cherry Blossom scented as is the bottom jar with the big flowers (they are three wick candles). The top jar with the smaller flowers is pink peony (I bought that one).

These are $24.00, regardless of size, quilts with matching tote. They are those quilts that are just printed cotton with random stitching, but I love the colors. I really want one to throw over my couch and bring in more color... adding that to my wishlist. :)

These were perfectly coordinated plastic bins with lids! $7.47 each, you can get one large or the smaller come in two packs. I'm trying to settle with the clear shoebox storage containers I have and stop drooling over these!

What have you seen lately that's inspiring you in spring?

New Items in the Shop

I've added Patchwork Posey Pins pairs and Bird's Nest necklaces to the shop! Thanks for those of you who gave your input! More items to come this week... I have several yards of vintage and bright spring colored fabrics to cut into! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

School Desk Makeover

I scored this desk at a local flea market (which I'm kind of obsessed with)...

I went there on a shopping trip with Sarah from Love, Love, Love... she's sorta my partner in crime (willing or not!). I saw it... sat down in it... and watched people walk by until Sarah came up and I told her I wanted it. I wanted it and it was only....

$3.00!!!! Marked down from $20 when I had spotted it two weeks prior!!!
Now this was followed with me backing up and staring at it, then carrying it through the aisles. I said, "Only a teacher would be this excited about a school desk." Sarah laughed and said, "I was going to say that I like it and then I realized I'm a teacher too!" (I love her, she is my bestie and she makes me a better person just by knowing her.)

Anyway, the seat was cracked, but I decided I would mod podge that away! Here's what I got:

I just went to Hob Lob and picked out two sheets of coordinating paper, cut them into squares and mod podged those babies on!

It makes me happy! I sit in it in the middle of my living room with the laptop or a craft whenever the furry pompom brat won't stop torturing me (note his puffball tail in the above picture). My furry children are EVERYWHERE!

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P.S. If you get the chance, check out my etsy shop A Place in This World and give me some feedback:
  • what do you think of my items?
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You can comment here or email me at lucky_march_girl AT yahoo DOT com

I'm not above bribing and might just pick someone who gives me feedback for a free item...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You WILL L O V E Mama Jill Designs

Have you heard of Mama Jill Designs?

O to the M to the G O O D N E S S!!!

I now STALK her etsy shop... waiting for new necklaces to pounce on!

I bought this beauty first (for a STEAL of $15!!!)

Then I HAD to have this one TOO ($16!!!)

The pictures don't even do them justice!!! They are GORGEOUS! AND she backs each one with coordinating fabric! CUH UTE! The back of the pink one is the paisley print and the blue one is the tiffany blue color. She ships quickly and has amazing prices and pieces and on and on and on. P.S. she has headbands and earrings too, you know, cuz you'll need to buy those since I will be snatching necklaces! HA (just kidding, I love everything of hers and have definitely been eying coordinating accessories).

Go check her out and share the love!

Mama Jill's Blog

Mama Jill Designs Shop

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Choose Happiness

There's a quote written on the chalkboard in my hallway:

"We tend to seek happiness, when happiness is actually a choice."

Today was full of Sunday blues and probably that monthly hormonal visit coming on. So here's a list of happiness in no certain order:

my paw print tattoo on my shoulder to remember my pup Buddy who died last year

my soon to open etsy shop

Skippyjon Jones

being randomly goofy

painting and giving to others

rainboots and flowers

this angry bird

hearts and sparkles

My pup Charlie, my other pets, my family, friends, and flea markets probably top the list, as well as waking up to blue skies, sunshine, and awaiting blooming flowers! Oh, and my bday coming up on the 17th...

Well, I'm off to burn the midnight oil and then crash out and hopefully wake up in a better mood tomorrow. Good wishes and thoughts to all of you!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coming this week....

My bestest of the bestest friend Sarah from Love, Love, Love helped me out last night with getting started on some of the flowers for my shop. After she spent a day with me shopping at a local antique/craft mall and a stop at Joann's.

I put these together while talking with a Southern accent and calling them my jewel tone taste the rainbow poppies... I'm so glad Sarah loves me for who I am lol.

I scored this vintage yellow fabric at the Gilley's craft mall (mentioned above). I can't remember what I paid for it now, maybe $3.50??? There's quite a bit of it. I started rolling and gluing and couldn't stop proclaiming, "It's beautiful! Look! I made a rolled rose! The best one ever! It's because I'm at your house Sarah!" She laughed at me, I'm still impressed with myself...

So, that's a little taste of things to come. I'm hoping to get some items listed tomorrow. Waiting on an order from Etsy of 216 swarovski rhinestones for my flower centers. Stay tuned!

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