Saturday, May 21, 2011

Being MIA

Well last time I posted I was planning to do a giveaway.

Since then...
  1. There was a boy... trusted the boy, thought I had fallen in "love" with the boy
  2. Broke up with the boy... wasn't as honest and caring as I thought
  3. Got a mystery illness that is still healing (think 3+ weeks of: 103+ fever for 6 days straight, blisters, blood in urine, body aches, chills, SEVERE headaches, SEVERE back pain with spasms, issues with my hiatal hernia, vomiting- sorry if TMI)
  4. Finally started feeling "normal" and got smacked with a cold that is leaving me exhausted
  5. AND 1,500+ blog posts to read on Google Reader!!!
There are 9 school days left and tons of work for me to get completed... when I return there will be a giveaway and hopefully some new items added to my shop. Thanks for hanging around! Love to all of you.

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