Saturday, February 26, 2011

Preview of types of beauties you'll find in my shop very soon- with possible prices (let me know your thoughts). Shipping on each item with be $2.00 with an additional $0.50 with another item.

Patchwork Posey Pin (set of 2) $7

Singed Satin Flower Pin or Clip with crystal center $5

Poppy Fields headband $8

Small Singed Satin flower clip $4

Felt Flower Clip or brooch $4

Friday, February 25, 2011

No turning back... We have business cards!

Total price: $8.25ish
Shipping: $6.25ish (boo)
500 Business Cards: $1.99
Metal Case: FREE



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Etsy Shop... One step closer...

I officially opened my etsy shop! Now... it's totally empty LOL! I, however, have a banner and activated it! My plans this weekend are to go ship something to check out the post office services and then pop some items in the shop! SOOOO EXCITED!!!

A Place in This World
Check me out!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shoe Crushes... because I have big feet.

I LOVE shoes... they are beautiful and fun and the finishing touch to any outfit. I, however, wear a size 11. I'm also a plus sized girly, but let's face it, even if I manage to lose the amount of weight I need/want to- it's not going to change the length of my feet! So... here are the crushes I came across today while shopping with my mom and then browsing online:

What's the problem? Only the two * shoes come in a size 11!!! And the last pair... well even if they were in an 11, I can't walk in heels over 2 inches to save my life, especially not thin heels! Anyway, I'll probably end up with my crush on Target flats that are very close in color to the kill yourself in heels Candie's :). Those of you with smaller feet- knock yourselves out! Live it up in a pair of these shoes for me! P.S. I also never spend more than like $20 on shoes... normally it's closer to $10. I save the $60 price tag for my sneakers... which I'm still searching for!

Amy Jean

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I have an obsession...


Exhibit 1: feathers, flower, and a wooden button oh my!

Exhibit 2: The pleated ruffles flower (hand stitched, dog eaten, and recreated):

P.S. Streaked hair was a month ago- now it's my dark brown natural color, or as my students call it, me going goth

Exhibit 3: Bloomin' Business (this is a gray pinstripe print that makes me think of a business suit)

Exhibit 4 (not a headband, but could be): Felt Flower clip

Exhibit 5: Poppy Fields singed satin headband (the piece that started my desire to open an etsy shop)

Exhibit 6: Buttercup Clip singed satin with austrian crystal center hair clip

Thoughts? Questions? Tutorials? Let me know. So why haven't I opened the etsy shop yet? I still need to investigate shipping and trying to figure out if headbands can be shipped in an envelope without damaging the flowers? I was thinking just using envelopes would be easiest- though packaging in boxes looks nicer... but I want to keep prices down? Hmm... back to school tomorrow after 4 ice days, so unfortunately these questions are being pushed aside again :(. Happy Monday!

Amy Jean

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