Sunday, February 6, 2011

I have an obsession...


Exhibit 1: feathers, flower, and a wooden button oh my!

Exhibit 2: The pleated ruffles flower (hand stitched, dog eaten, and recreated):

P.S. Streaked hair was a month ago- now it's my dark brown natural color, or as my students call it, me going goth

Exhibit 3: Bloomin' Business (this is a gray pinstripe print that makes me think of a business suit)

Exhibit 4 (not a headband, but could be): Felt Flower clip

Exhibit 5: Poppy Fields singed satin headband (the piece that started my desire to open an etsy shop)

Exhibit 6: Buttercup Clip singed satin with austrian crystal center hair clip

Thoughts? Questions? Tutorials? Let me know. So why haven't I opened the etsy shop yet? I still need to investigate shipping and trying to figure out if headbands can be shipped in an envelope without damaging the flowers? I was thinking just using envelopes would be easiest- though packaging in boxes looks nicer... but I want to keep prices down? Hmm... back to school tomorrow after 4 ice days, so unfortunately these questions are being pushed aside again :(. Happy Monday!

Amy Jean


  1. this headband is ammazzzzzzzzzzzing! love your blog girl! so creative!!!

  2. SO PRETTY!!! Definitely work on that etsy store - I want one of these! ;)

    Great job, as usual!

    Have a great weekend!


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