Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wherrreee has my life gone???

Helloooooo!  So where have I been and where is the classroom peek?

Well... I decided to ditch all of my old classroom rules and behavior stuff and revamp it with the bee theme.  Mostly due to the fact that I made the mistake of letting a kiddo give behavior stamps on my charts and then every time I turned my back someone was going stamp crazy... sooooo now we use punch cards!

(Inspiration from First Grader at Last blog)

How has your October been?

Mine involved body shop drama with my car (had to return it three times), the bank posting several overdraft fees without cause or reason and still fighting me to refund them, a not the way I had requested hair dye and highlight job, resulting in me getting irritated and getting a new hair cut that didn't result anywhere near what I wanted either... and still in over my head with school work!

On a high note... my Master's coursework is FINISHED!  Graduation is December!  YAY ME!

I miss being creative and crafty and blogging.  Unfortunately, teaching is keeping me INCREDIBLY busy this year and I'm losing out on those other things.  The craft room is a clean up in progress... but I decide halfway through that I should switch the craft room and spare bedroom... except that involves taking apart and rebuilding furniture.

Also, anyone ever had carpet put in their entire house?  How does that work with all of the furniture that needs to be moved around?  Just the thought of all of the things that have to be moved to remove old carpet and lay down new stresses me out!!!  This is not an episode of hoarders here, but I have some serious stuff!

Welp, that's the randomness rant of the night.  I spent the evening hanging with family with my two poms.  Macey went dressed as a fairy ballerina and Charlie was a Nascar pit crew member.  I love that some people hand out doggie treats and the pups did too.

Hope to get a chance to get back to some real blogging here soon!  Until then, love to all and hope you are rocking life with more stability and finesse than I am at the moment!

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