Monday, July 14, 2014

Cat Litter Container = Pet Food Storage

I own four pets.  FOUR.  When I first moved out on my own I had a dog, two cats, a turtle, and a hamster.  It was INSANE.  Of the current FOUR, only one of them did I set out to own.  The others found me instead.  Anyway, I ramble.  

So... you know those nice EXPENSIVE pet food containers?  Yeah, me too.  They look so nice... with their air tightness, wheels, and nice lid... and so much more pet proof and visually appealing than those big pet food bags.

Well, with two cats I buy the BIG cat litter containers... and I used the old ones to hold the cat poopies... Then I thought... WAIT!  This is a waste!  These could be....DRUM ROLL.... PET FOOD CONTAINERS!!!!

So, I put these babies in the bath tub and washed them out with some dish soap and hot water, then dried them.  You could probably spray paint them if the yellow showing REALLY bothers you, but I was going with it.  I just used some good ol' duct tape :).  

OBVIOUSLY, it needed a little more than the red and white stripes that match my red and white kitchen... 
Sooooo I broke out the silhouette and made myself a Pomeranian and a Cat.  

They are super awesome.  The dog food all fits in, but the cat food always has a couple days worth leftover in the bag.  I can deal with that, it's easy to roll up and hide an almost empty bag!

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