Monday, May 28, 2012

(Maybe) You Need a Makeup Overhaul- Maybelline

So... I have been in search for the best affordable foundation ever since I stopped selling Mary Kay...

I really loved the quality of the Hard Candy: Just Face It foundation.
It's primer, concealer, and foundation with a powder finish.
You can get it at Walmart for a little over $7 a pop.  But... the powder finish part I didn't find so powdery... I was still shiny and it wore off in some places.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

During my last trip to Walmart I decided to check out my choices.
I spotted the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation which said it has medium to full coverage and I thought BAM!  I want to try that.  I have very spotty reddish skin on my neck and my cheeks are always red.  It was around $8.  Not much more than my Hard Candy foundation and appealing to me, so I took a shot.

VERDICT: I LOVE IT!  This stuff goes on super smooth like silk.  It's instantly matte on my skin and every flaw is GONE.  It wears all day and is still beautiful at the end.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

So... as I considered the cosmetics in my cabinet... I realized I pretty much love Maybelline.

My other two faves and best ever finds:
Falsies Mascara (flared or original, love them both) - don't remember the price... under $7

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Dream Bouncy Blush (it's just fun to put on, it's all bouncy... seriously) pricier... like $7

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

So... Maybe it is Maybelline :P

Top Ten Craft To Do During Summer Break

For starters... I HATE the new blogger format... it took FOREVER to figure out how to access my posts and write a new one!

Anyway, here's my top ten craft to do's during my six week summer break:

1. Make a wreath using one of these pool noodles

2. Make a terrarium or fairy garden

3. Make plaster numbers for my front door using a stepping stone kit

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

4. Make new flowers

5. Make felt bows

6. Make a doily dream catcher

7. Create an awesome journal page

8. Make a ruffle skirt or shirt

9. Finish refinishing the kitchen table- no pic here!

10. Use that alcohol ink I bought...

Sarah Marie @ Love, Love, Love and I are hitting the road for some summer adventures starting very soon... pics and posts to come, hope you follow along!

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