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Hey!  My name is Amy.  I'm a 31 year old born and bred Hoosier.  I'm a special education elementary school teacher with my Master's in Educational Psychology and Gifted & Talented Education.   I have two Pomeranians born 4 days apart Charlie and Macey (Macey is older, but she's on the right and Charlie is on the left).  AND I have two cats, an orange tabby named Tinkerbell and a gray tabby named Wolf.

I'm a lover of all things pink, sparkly, or ruffly.  I'm a girly girl with a side of tom boy in very few aspects (think playing in creeks, mushroom hunting, and digging in the dirt).  I fix things with hot pink duct tape and am looking for a reason to buy the Hello Kitty version.  I sing in the shower and can come up with a song for almost any situation (it drives my mother INSANE!).  

I am a perfectionist who struggles daily with medically diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and anxiety.  My house is a wreck (I like organized piles), my dishes are almost never done, and my yard is normally overgrown and thriving with weeds.  Obviously, my OCD is a super special version not related to neat and tidy houses or yards!  

I am a big sister and best friend, godmother, granddaughter, cousin, niece, daughter, aunt, teacher, artist, shopper, pet lover, animal lover, and all around just a girl.  I like to paint, read, write poems and stories, hang out with my friends, discover new flea markets or towns, and shop til I drop.  I'm insanely devoted to my students and their families.  I'm the daughter of an alcoholic and raised solely by my mama.  

I hate onions, seafood, and slimy textures.  Dislike most vegetables and can't eat an animal I saw face to face or isn't a cow, chicken, turkey, or pig.  I'm terrified of needles, but I have two tattoos.  Seriously.  I'm random and may end up on an episode of hoarders if we don't keep an eye on me.  :) Follow along on my rants and journey as I find my place in this world!

Feel free to contact me about anything @
lucky_march_girl AT yahoo DOT com

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