Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chiffon Flower Headband

Okay... so for some reason... I make this face when I'm thinking about the outfit I have on or anything else related to a pic and I had to share it...

Now!!! Here's the new headband I made today!

I'm loving it and thinking these babies need to hit the shop soon!

I suck at taking pictures during the process... so here's what I did:
  1. Buy a foot of chiffon from Joann's
  2. Cut an inch wide strip from the longest part of the fabric
  3. Measure out the strip and cut it into three equal length strips
  4. By hand I sewed a regular umm... long stitch? running stitch? who knows... it's just what you do when you want to get a ruffle...
  5. Gather the fabric as you go, then knot off one end when you are at the end and have gathered it as much as you want
  6. Cut out a felt circle about the size of a half dollar and bust out the hot glue gun
  7. Starting at the end glue the ruffle down, work in a spiral towards the center... if your center looks wonky just add an extra dot of glue and smoosh the flower in your hands... it makes it look better believe it or not!
  8. After you make three... glue them on a metal headband and then cut out three more felt circles the same size as previously and glue those over the back to secure them even more.
  9. Now you can rock out your awesome headband... or just wait a few days and check out my shop on the right to buy one. :)
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Beloved Sign

I made this sign out of an old weathered and beat up piece of plywood I found in my garage...

First I sanded it all over to try to get off any ickiness and smooth it out...
Found some black speckles that looked like possible mold so I sanded it all off and then covered the whole thing in Kilz primer.

Followed by a couple coats of Aqua colored spray paint.
(I swear by Rustoleum's Painter's Touch Ultra Cover... it works better than ANYTHING else! It's the same color I used to refinish my kitchen table which will be revealed sooner rather than later I hope!)
Anyway, after the spray paint I used a paint brush and pale yellow acrylic paint and painted the word BELOVED because it's the meaning of my name. I also sorta didn't measure it so I filled the empty space next to the B by using a foam heart shaped stamp from Hobby Lobby and some pink paint. When I was all done I sanded over it lightly with a sanding block and then rubbed on some Valspar antiquing glaze in Asphaltum.

This pic is a glimpse at my typical photo taking fiascos...
See dog in motion?

This is my next shot... figure B... dog in my lap

Next try... (he felt like he HAD to be in the picture apparently)

Close up of glazing:

This will eventually hang over my headboard... I just forgot to buy nails today! OOPS!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I was taking pictures of the dog... this sequence cracks me up:

Figure 1: Sleeping puppy getting awakened by crazy mama with camera.

Figure 2: "Look at the camera Charlie! Here Charlie! Look here baby! Good boy!"

Figure 3: "Crap! You have red eye!" Charlie- 'oh my God woman put the camera down and let me sleep! whyyyyyyyyy? whyyyyy must you do this to me?'

Figure 4: "Awww that's a cute puppy." Charlie- 'i'm going back to sleep. please put away the camera'

NOOOOW: What I Wore!!!
Did NOT want to get dressed this day.
Shirt: Tie Dyed by me
Jeans: Angels from Fashion Bug forever ago
Shoes: Dollar General

Blah Day
Shirt: Goodwill
Jeans: Walmart

Earrings: Target, came with the second pair you will see down for $7.99

I take pics at night... obviously. These are my wannabe converse that I got for $12.99 from Shoe Show. They are gray on the outside with floral inside.

Shirt: Old Navy @ Goodwill
Jeans: Walmart

Necklace: Jewel Box by Premier Designs

Shoes: American Eagle @ Payless

Earrings: Target

Watch: Burlington Coat Factory
$12.99 with five interchangeable bands, I also glued the rhinestones around it :)

I got this leather cuff bracelet from the state fair last year for $6. Wear it EVERY day!

This is my everyday ring. The center stone is an aquamarine and the side stones I don't know. My mom bought it for me from Avon and it was one of their pricier pieces.

These shoes are the Kelsey peep toe wedge by Naturalizer from They are seriously the MOST comfortable shoe EVER! I love them. I also love that they were regularly $59.99 and I got them on sale for $20 plus a 15% discount!

Shirt: C.J. Banks from Goodwill (love it, it's like navy blue tie dye an stripes!)
T-shirt: Meijer
Jeans: Target

Necklace: Me, vintage butterfly pendant found on etsy

Rainbow nails!!!

Shirt: Family Dollar
Jeans: Phat silver label from Walmart
Flip Flops: Champion from Payless ($4 clearance! reg. $14.99)

Pink Heart Earrings: Natalia Araya @ Etsy

Geeky Kitty Necklace (LOVE IT): Kuma Crafts @ Etsy

I went shopping last Friday and hit Maurice's. Bought tons of clothes and saved way more than I spent! Hope to post those pics as well as pics of some of my thrifting finds from this summer soon.

Join other bloggy buddies showing off their inner fashionistas or day to day comfy wear:
pleated poppy

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pooh Bear Wisdom

I love you silly ol' bear :)

Bloggy Goals

So... where have I been all summer break you ask??? Like... since school let out at 3:45 on June 4th? Well... after about two weeks of assigned reading for the school I work at... I started grad school. Lemme tell you... two grad courses during the "short" (LONGEST of my life) summer session is K I L L E R. I was reading at least 100 pages a day to get everything done in the alotted time frame. Awesomeness. Anyway, finished my last final Thursday and spent Friday on a self shopping spree- spent $120 and saved over $200... pictures of those purchases to come soon.

(snagged this pic from Google cuz I shopped these two stores- obviously not THESE specific two... even tho it's hella hot in Indy, we don't have palm trees... Also, have you ever been in a Maurice's? I want to go back to the one I went to just to take pics of the fitting room for you guys! They write your name on these beautiful tiffany blue dry erase pretties on YOUR fitting room door. Then the wall of one that I went to was wallpapered with clothing related quotes... there was a mirror on the other wall, a cute little wooden chair, AND there was a silver bar across one wall where the girl hung my possibilities so that I could see each of them!)

I've been neglecting my poor lovely blog. There's really been no time for me to do anything but sleep, study, shower, study, sleep, and all over again. The yard is a jungle, the house smells funky, fur is all over the furniture, and the dishes are dirty!

But alas... I have until Thursday to catch up on some fun. Thursday is Back to School for this girly (teaching wise- kids come back the 1st). I'm hoping to get in a much overdue necklace creation for Ashley at the Shine Project (see her button on the sidebar for more there), turn two Clinique makeup bags into clutches to be sold in the etsy shop :), and make myself a headband... tomorrow. Now... I still have hopes to make myself a clutch and post pictures of the cute purse I made (first time I've made anything on the sewing machine besides curtains- and only one pair at that!).

I'm hoping to bust out my camera and take some random pics. I have plans for most of next week leading up to school... we'll see what I squeeze out!

I hope your summer has been awesome (and relaxing)!!!

P.S. I just recently got on Pinterest and keep going through spurts of obsession... it was my break from grad school!

Monday, July 18, 2011

You otter love one another!

Did you know that sea otters hold hands while sleeping so they don't drift away from one another? How cute is that! Watch the video past the 1:19 mark because that's the sweetest moment!

Because I Love You Guys!

Check out my shop :)

I'll be back soon- like Friday when I have finished all of my work and finals for my first two graduate courses!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gotta Share Some Target Shopping Love!

I'm a teacher... I love Back to School aisles! I went to Target today on a hunt for cute school supplies and also found tons of cute jewelry! Enjoy my window shopping randomness!

(these are all on sale this week! pencils= $1.50, pouch= $1.50, ruler= $1.29, scissors= $2.79, or something like that!)

(Necklaces were all $12.99 I think, earrings were $7.99 for the set of three and either that or $9.99 for the red bears)

So cute!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Just listed new earrings and necklaces in the shop! Check them out!

Hoping to get some new patchwork posey and singed satin hair clips listed in the next week...

Also working on getting familiar with the sewing machine, maybe clutches or purses in the future?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Have YOU discovered Just Lovely Things???

Okay... seriously, she once asked if she was a drug dealer... she totally is. Drugs = her ruffle headbands of course! She lists them and in like 10 minutes they are SOLD OUT! I get an adrenaline rush every time she posts on Facebook that there is new inventory. So, today I have to share my lovelies that I've gotten from Heather (designer, photographer, hair stylist, mastermind, headband drug dealer extraordinaire... HAHA).

Here's me sporting my lovelies for a self photo shoot:

(I love this outfit, shirt: FashionBug, gold heart necklace: thrifted from a flea market for $2!)

First Lovely I EVER Owned: Beautiful Bunny
(I even screamed when I saw it... two of my loves: bunnies and Paris!)

2nd: Sugar Ruffle
(a duplicate I begged for- she's working on only one of a kinds now, sorry ladies!)

3rd: Peachy Keen Ruffle Headband
(I just ordered this bad boy today!!! Heather is now introducing lines of one of a kind ruffle wraps that all center around a theme. This is part of the Summer Fields line.)

Okay, so you have to check Heather out! I stalk her... on facebook and through her blog on Google Reader. I also stalk her Etsy shop... Check out all of them!

You are going to fall in L O V E!

~Amy Jean~

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