Friday, July 1, 2011

Have YOU discovered Just Lovely Things???

Okay... seriously, she once asked if she was a drug dealer... she totally is. Drugs = her ruffle headbands of course! She lists them and in like 10 minutes they are SOLD OUT! I get an adrenaline rush every time she posts on Facebook that there is new inventory. So, today I have to share my lovelies that I've gotten from Heather (designer, photographer, hair stylist, mastermind, headband drug dealer extraordinaire... HAHA).

Here's me sporting my lovelies for a self photo shoot:

(I love this outfit, shirt: FashionBug, gold heart necklace: thrifted from a flea market for $2!)

First Lovely I EVER Owned: Beautiful Bunny
(I even screamed when I saw it... two of my loves: bunnies and Paris!)

2nd: Sugar Ruffle
(a duplicate I begged for- she's working on only one of a kinds now, sorry ladies!)

3rd: Peachy Keen Ruffle Headband
(I just ordered this bad boy today!!! Heather is now introducing lines of one of a kind ruffle wraps that all center around a theme. This is part of the Summer Fields line.)

Okay, so you have to check Heather out! I stalk her... on facebook and through her blog on Google Reader. I also stalk her Etsy shop... Check out all of them!

You are going to fall in L O V E!

~Amy Jean~

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  1. lucky! i love heathers pieces but i wouldnt suit them in my hair ^_^

    Im obsessed with organizing things so i have some reading to do here!



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