Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bloggy Goals

So... where have I been all summer break you ask??? Like... since school let out at 3:45 on June 4th? Well... after about two weeks of assigned reading for the school I work at... I started grad school. Lemme tell you... two grad courses during the "short" (LONGEST of my life) summer session is K I L L E R. I was reading at least 100 pages a day to get everything done in the alotted time frame. Awesomeness. Anyway, finished my last final Thursday and spent Friday on a self shopping spree- spent $120 and saved over $200... pictures of those purchases to come soon.

(snagged this pic from Google cuz I shopped these two stores- obviously not THESE specific two... even tho it's hella hot in Indy, we don't have palm trees... Also, have you ever been in a Maurice's? I want to go back to the one I went to just to take pics of the fitting room for you guys! They write your name on these beautiful tiffany blue dry erase pretties on YOUR fitting room door. Then the wall of one that I went to was wallpapered with clothing related quotes... there was a mirror on the other wall, a cute little wooden chair, AND there was a silver bar across one wall where the girl hung my possibilities so that I could see each of them!)

I've been neglecting my poor lovely blog. There's really been no time for me to do anything but sleep, study, shower, study, sleep, and all over again. The yard is a jungle, the house smells funky, fur is all over the furniture, and the dishes are dirty!

But alas... I have until Thursday to catch up on some fun. Thursday is Back to School for this girly (teaching wise- kids come back the 1st). I'm hoping to get in a much overdue necklace creation for Ashley at the Shine Project (see her button on the sidebar for more there), turn two Clinique makeup bags into clutches to be sold in the etsy shop :), and make myself a headband... tomorrow. Now... I still have hopes to make myself a clutch and post pictures of the cute purse I made (first time I've made anything on the sewing machine besides curtains- and only one pair at that!).

I'm hoping to bust out my camera and take some random pics. I have plans for most of next week leading up to school... we'll see what I squeeze out!

I hope your summer has been awesome (and relaxing)!!!

P.S. I just recently got on Pinterest and keep going through spurts of obsession... it was my break from grad school!

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