Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beloved Sign

I made this sign out of an old weathered and beat up piece of plywood I found in my garage...

First I sanded it all over to try to get off any ickiness and smooth it out...
Found some black speckles that looked like possible mold so I sanded it all off and then covered the whole thing in Kilz primer.

Followed by a couple coats of Aqua colored spray paint.
(I swear by Rustoleum's Painter's Touch Ultra Cover... it works better than ANYTHING else! It's the same color I used to refinish my kitchen table which will be revealed sooner rather than later I hope!)
Anyway, after the spray paint I used a paint brush and pale yellow acrylic paint and painted the word BELOVED because it's the meaning of my name. I also sorta didn't measure it so I filled the empty space next to the B by using a foam heart shaped stamp from Hobby Lobby and some pink paint. When I was all done I sanded over it lightly with a sanding block and then rubbed on some Valspar antiquing glaze in Asphaltum.

This pic is a glimpse at my typical photo taking fiascos...
See dog in motion?

This is my next shot... figure B... dog in my lap

Next try... (he felt like he HAD to be in the picture apparently)

Close up of glazing:

This will eventually hang over my headboard... I just forgot to buy nails today! OOPS!

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