Monday, July 27, 2009

New Project: Dog Pallet

So, I'm thinking...
1, take one old comforter with it's stuffing all bunched because it wasn't the best quality
2. fold a couple of times into a long (twin bed length) pillow sort of thing
3. gather fabric (most likely 3 yards) that is thick enough to survive the dog- like flannel
4. measure out to be a little bit larger than the folded comforter
5. sew the edges, leaving one open and load in the comforter
6. sew the final edge shut
7. VOILA! one awesomely comfy doggy bed for my awesomely spoiled dog...

It's just a thought at the moment, as he currently sleeps on a pile of a sheet, a throw, a tshirt, and a pair of pj pants that he has stolen from various parts of the house. I don't really like the look of his random pallet... so I'll post pics as soon as I get to this!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

In Need of Craft Therapy

Make It and Love It: Amazing Switch Plate/Light Cover Makeovers

Check out this link to the adorable new switch plate / light covers this gal has made! I've been wanting new switch plates for a while, but they are more than I want to pay for the nice ones.

Make It and Love It: Cork Boards

I think these would make great gifts for anyone, especially for a teacher who could sit it beside their computer/phone at school to keep track of our many post-its and memos!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Hard Days Work!

I worked hard cleaning and organizing and messing up my house (try as I might there just seems to be an endless collection of random items that need homes). My dog spent his day randomly barking and laying on the rug watching us work. Apparently, I wore him out.

Among the projects we did today, I asked my brother if he knew how we could fix the outlet that was falling off the wall. He couldn't find the fuse switch to turn off the electricity to the outlet and I wasn't keen on the idea of him turning off all of my power... so he said silicone. I didn't have silicone, but wanted to know if caulk would work. After a few moments of staring at me with the tube in my hand, he decided to try it. It didn't work... so we added some contact cement. Then I used masking tape to hold it to the wall while everything dried because it was taking FOREVER. I'll let you know how this works out for us. My mother was terrified.

Candle Craft!

Candle Craft- New Beauty from Old Candles (link)

I found the link above after reading something last night about reusing bits of old candles. This gives many options, but I followed the one that seemed simplest.

Materials: old wax, glass jar, sauce pan, pot holder, birthday candle

Gather old candle wax and a container you would like to make a new candle in- I chose glass because I have tons of these jars!

Put the old wax into the new container (I beat mine with a hammer... so the pieces would fit).
Set the jar in a saucepan and fill with water that goes no more than halfway up the jar. Turn on the stove burner and heat over medium heat until all wax is melted. You will also want an oven mitt when you handle this glass- obviously.

Once the wax is melted completely, turn off the burner. I let the jar set in the pan and cool because I was afraid it would crack if I took it out and let it cool too quickly. After 10/15 minutes in the jar I set it aside on the stove to finish cooling. When the wax is cooled completely so that it is mushy, but not liquid, push a birthday candle down into the middle until it touches the bottom.

I lit this after it was completely cooled and it stayed lit! I recently bought wicks at Hobby Lobby that burned out in the candles I made in a matter of seconds. I will definitely use birthday candles as wicks from now on!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Buttons

I cannot even begin to tell you the excitement I am feeling over the fact that I have made my own blog button! I saw them on everyone else's blogs and even grabbed a few (as you can see), but I could not find anyone who knew how to make one! Well my friends, I googled and came up with this website! It's easy to do and if you need a url for your photo just upload it to photobucket. Once it's on photobucket you can edit it and add all sorts of fun text, decorations, and effects! You'll then copy the 'direct url' that is under the picture when you go to your album view into the button code. The only thing I suggest is that when you get the final code, delete out this- width="125" height="125". If you don't you end up with a tiny smooshed button! Have fun! (I certainly am!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cute Little Welcoming Birds!

from Oh So Crafty!

It's going to take a lot of restraint not to paint these above every doorway in my house!

Paintings for My Bedroom

I saw some framed pictures at Joann's that I really loved, but did not want to spend an arm and a leg for. They had a pink background, a simple white flower, and different words on each one. I took that idea and ran with it to get this finished product! I really love the poppies. I'm considering painting them on the wall down the hallway of my house!

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