Monday, July 27, 2009

New Project: Dog Pallet

So, I'm thinking...
1, take one old comforter with it's stuffing all bunched because it wasn't the best quality
2. fold a couple of times into a long (twin bed length) pillow sort of thing
3. gather fabric (most likely 3 yards) that is thick enough to survive the dog- like flannel
4. measure out to be a little bit larger than the folded comforter
5. sew the edges, leaving one open and load in the comforter
6. sew the final edge shut
7. VOILA! one awesomely comfy doggy bed for my awesomely spoiled dog...

It's just a thought at the moment, as he currently sleeps on a pile of a sheet, a throw, a tshirt, and a pair of pj pants that he has stolen from various parts of the house. I don't really like the look of his random pallet... so I'll post pics as soon as I get to this!

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