Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Candle Craft!

Candle Craft- New Beauty from Old Candles (link)

I found the link above after reading something last night about reusing bits of old candles. This gives many options, but I followed the one that seemed simplest.

Materials: old wax, glass jar, sauce pan, pot holder, birthday candle

Gather old candle wax and a container you would like to make a new candle in- I chose glass because I have tons of these jars!

Put the old wax into the new container (I beat mine with a hammer... so the pieces would fit).
Set the jar in a saucepan and fill with water that goes no more than halfway up the jar. Turn on the stove burner and heat over medium heat until all wax is melted. You will also want an oven mitt when you handle this glass- obviously.

Once the wax is melted completely, turn off the burner. I let the jar set in the pan and cool because I was afraid it would crack if I took it out and let it cool too quickly. After 10/15 minutes in the jar I set it aside on the stove to finish cooling. When the wax is cooled completely so that it is mushy, but not liquid, push a birthday candle down into the middle until it touches the bottom.

I lit this after it was completely cooled and it stayed lit! I recently bought wicks at Hobby Lobby that burned out in the candles I made in a matter of seconds. I will definitely use birthday candles as wicks from now on!


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