Sunday, March 13, 2011

Choose Happiness

There's a quote written on the chalkboard in my hallway:

"We tend to seek happiness, when happiness is actually a choice."

Today was full of Sunday blues and probably that monthly hormonal visit coming on. So here's a list of happiness in no certain order:

my paw print tattoo on my shoulder to remember my pup Buddy who died last year

my soon to open etsy shop

Skippyjon Jones

being randomly goofy

painting and giving to others

rainboots and flowers

this angry bird

hearts and sparkles

My pup Charlie, my other pets, my family, friends, and flea markets probably top the list, as well as waking up to blue skies, sunshine, and awaiting blooming flowers! Oh, and my bday coming up on the 17th...

Well, I'm off to burn the midnight oil and then crash out and hopefully wake up in a better mood tomorrow. Good wishes and thoughts to all of you!

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