Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coming this week....

My bestest of the bestest friend Sarah from Love, Love, Love helped me out last night with getting started on some of the flowers for my shop. After she spent a day with me shopping at a local antique/craft mall and a stop at Joann's.

I put these together while talking with a Southern accent and calling them my jewel tone taste the rainbow poppies... I'm so glad Sarah loves me for who I am lol.

I scored this vintage yellow fabric at the Gilley's craft mall (mentioned above). I can't remember what I paid for it now, maybe $3.50??? There's quite a bit of it. I started rolling and gluing and couldn't stop proclaiming, "It's beautiful! Look! I made a rolled rose! The best one ever! It's because I'm at your house Sarah!" She laughed at me, I'm still impressed with myself...

So, that's a little taste of things to come. I'm hoping to get some items listed tomorrow. Waiting on an order from Etsy of 216 swarovski rhinestones for my flower centers. Stay tuned!

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