Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Inspiration: Wandering Walmart

I seriously wish I could afford to buy all of this right now. Check out the Walmart spring goodness:

Candles $5 each, the top three set are Cherry Blossom scented as is the bottom jar with the big flowers (they are three wick candles). The top jar with the smaller flowers is pink peony (I bought that one).

These are $24.00, regardless of size, quilts with matching tote. They are those quilts that are just printed cotton with random stitching, but I love the colors. I really want one to throw over my couch and bring in more color... adding that to my wishlist. :)

These were perfectly coordinated plastic bins with lids! $7.47 each, you can get one large or the smaller come in two packs. I'm trying to settle with the clear shoebox storage containers I have and stop drooling over these!

What have you seen lately that's inspiring you in spring?

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