Monday, January 18, 2010

Prayers Needed

Okay fellow blogging friends... I took my mom to the hospital Saturday night at midnight with chest pains. I made her take an aspirin before I let her get in the car. The pain went away and everything came back clear so that hospital sent her home at 4:30am to take aspirin and scheduled a stress test.

My aunt calls me at 10 yesterday morning to tell me my mom is still having chest pains. I call and my mom doesn't want to go to the hospital, just wants more aspirin. I take her aspirin and tell her if its still bad in half an hour I'm taking her to another hospital with a heart center. I take her in around 1 by the time we get there. They find elevated heart enzymes which is a sign of a heart problem (this all came out of the blue and totally unexpected)...

My mom calls me this morning and says they are taking her in in five minutes for a heart cauterization. We get there and the heart doctor tells us she has an 80% blockage in one of the arteries to her heart. She has to have bypass surgery tomorrow at 6:15am and is totally losing it over fear about the surgery and fear over having to be off work and not being able to pay bills.

We need your prayers. I'll keep updates on here and may open an etsy shop shortly to try to sell paintings and crafts to help with any bills I can.

Much love to all of you and yours,

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  1. Hi there! I just wanted to pop by and say "hi!".
    Oh my goodness, how scary! It's amazing how things like that can just come out of the blue, your poor mother! I will definitely be praying for her!


Thanks for sharing the love! :)

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