Sunday, January 31, 2010


Okay, I have found... the best... the greatest... the most AWESOME etsy shops! I was searching for some pastel pearls to use on a necklace I was going to make. In my search I happened upon a pair of pearl earrings at the One Dollar Jewelry shop. Not only does she have tons of fun and pretty pieces, they are all really cheap and shipping is only 75 cents!!! The most expensive thing she has on this shop is a $15 necklace people!!! She has 192 items listed and only 8 are over $10!!! Anyways, I ended up ordering FOUR pairs of earrings... here they are:

One Dollar Jewelry

Pink hearts anyone? For Valentine's day maybe?

Guess what?!?!?! $1.00. ONE DOLLAR!!! And shipping??? 75 cents (50 cents when you order more than one piece)!!!

$1.00... again.. SERIOUSLY


$2.00... whoa big spender! :P I LOVE IT!!!

Had my eye on this piece too... maybe next time!

($10 by the way)
This one is so simple, pretty, and elegant... I love it.

She has another shop too, by the way. The items cost a little more, free shipping at the moment, but one look and you will know why I am in love with everything! These are some of my favorites:


I didn't copy these prices... but I love how this flower necklace seems to glow in the light! It's definitely my favorite piece if I HAD to pick one... although it's really hard to choose just one!

This tea cup necklace has a story behind it, and a galaxy inside of it... I love story pieces!

This piece makes me think of a pearl in an opened clam/oyster whichever it is... I love the simple beauty of all her pieces in this shop.

Okay, so after you enter my giveaway you need to get yourself over to Nat's shops NOW!!! Do you see these beautiful crazily affordable pieces that you will love forever?!?!? Go get some!!!

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