Saturday, January 2, 2010

~New Years To Do~

I've spent my two weeks vacation from school reading my Google Reader blog subscriptions, crafting Christmas gifts, but MOST importantly- spending LOTS and LOTS of time with some great friends that I couldn't live without. Now I look to school starting back Monday with a panic. I have so much to do that isn't done! My camera also threw a fit and wasn't working, so I have it going again (thanks to some hot pink Duct tape) and will have pics to post soon of my crafty projects and flea market finds. My poor puppy Charlie got neutered on Thursday and is running around with a cone on his head. Not that it is effecting him at all- he's still driving everyone insane. Long story short- here's my to do list!

1. finish last touches on Pay It Forward gifts and ship them out!
2. post pics on here of crafts
3. organize the craft stuff

My cleaning to do list (I picked up a book called The One-Minute Organizer Plain and Simple by Donna Smallin, it is a quick and easy read of simple tips)
Here's my list of things to have cleaned and organized by my birthday (March 17th):
  1. clear pile from corner of kitchen
  2. pantry
  3. craft table in kitchen
  4. counter
  5. laptop work counter
  6. drawers in paper file
  7. kitchen shelf
  8. entertainment center
  9. hall closet
  10. craft room floor (boxes)
  11. craft room desk
  12. craft closet
  13. spare bedroom
  14. bedroom closet
  15. bedroom shelf
  16. end of bed pile
  17. dresser drawers
  18. dresser top
So- I've taken the first step, made a list of what needs to be done and broken it down into simple things, and giving myself a deadline. My next step is to spend 15 or more minutes a day cleaning. My plan is to buy some of those super cute reusable shopping bags and hang one in each room on a door knob or hook. I'll use each bag to hold things that don't belong in that room so that I can just take the bag and put things in their rightful place after I have finished the above list. Good luck all! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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  1. Sounds like you have some good goals and ideas! Hope Charlie is feeling better soon, and can get that cone off too!.. Wishing you a very Happy 2010! ~tina


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