Wednesday, February 3, 2010


And the winners are.... (as provided by random number generator):

22 (choice of a tile and a necklace)
Gail said...

Blog entry made, I hope you get some more traffic.

Happy PS

23 (choice of tile or necklace)
Ruth J. Hartman said...
Hi Amy,

Love your Blog! It looks like you and I have a few things in common. I live in Indiana, love cats, and also have OCD (unfortunately, NOT the creative kind :)).

20 (choice of tile or necklace)
CC said...

Tis me again. I'm already a follower..have been for some time now..CC

I will also be sending Beverly her choice of a prize for hosting Pink Saturday and getting me so many of my followers and readers!

Congratulations! I will be contacting each of you shortly to get your address and prize choice! I'm so excited! I wish I had enough prizes to send one to everyone! That sounds like a good idea... I might have to work on a surprise Giveaway for that one....

Thank you to all of you for entering my first Giveaway and becoming new followers <3!>


  1. Oh WOW, really, I won. I am so excited, thank you Amy.
    Congrats to Ruth and CC. Isn't this fun!

  2. What a great blog you have and I love your pic with the cat and the shades!!!


Thanks for sharing the love! :)

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