Wednesday, July 11, 2012

30 Things: #4 Dear 16 Year Old Me

#4- List 10 things you would tell your sixteen year old self if you could

Dear 16 year old me,

#1 That boy you've had a crush on since 8th grade... it's not going to happen. You become really great friends and he genuinely cares about you, but he knows you deserve better. In about ten years you will tell him about the huge crush you had on him only to find out he's living about six doors down in the same apartment complex. Don't worry- you won't run into each other and he keeps randomly checking in on you via messenger every few weeks to chat a little.

#2 You will get a boyfriend eventually... after high school. He's going to sweep you off of your feet and be everything dreams were made of, for a little while. You will go through a lot of hardships and he's going to hurt you and you don't deserve it. You did nothing wrong and he lost something amazing in you.

#3 Don't worry about how you will pay for college or if you can even go. You've got this covered Miss Smarty Pants.

#4 LOL The guy you have a crush on at work... that is super hot... that's not going to happen either. Enjoy the eye candy though.

#5 That girl you are besties with right now... she's going to use you until you get pushed too far. Don't worry though, other friends come along. They won't be around for long after high school, but girly they are going to change your life forever and be so worth it.

#6 The Easter Egg Hunts with the Lockharts and Margie, treasure those forever. And don't sweat over the fact that you only get to see Sarah once a year, you guys are still going to be H.A.B.s when you grow up. In fact she gets you back into crafting and doing what you love and you guys see each other pretty regularly.

#7 Your brother is going to grow up. You won't kill each other. Seriously. He turns in to a pretty good guy and helps you out a lot. Just give him time.

#8 Keep writing! Those stories and poems are amazing and when you get older you will be fascinated at how great of an author you were. They don't come as easily anymore!

#9 Take more pictures! You have so many amazing memories you need to capture! AND your Senior year is really going to rock.

#10 Don't listen to that crazy nurse when she tells you you aren't doing good enough with changing your eating habits and lifestyle. She's going to get let go of in a few years anyway without warning because of her craziness. You are rocking it girl and it will be so much easier later if you stick to it now!

16 year old me, you are living the best years of your life. Treasure every second!


29 year old me :)

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  1. aw I love this!! Wouldn't it be great to get that at 16!


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