Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So Far This Summer...

Here are some random crafts around the house that I did over the last year but never posted:

I wanted badly to make a wine cork craft (all of these corks are from a friend as I do not drink anything with alcohol in it).  I also LOVED and OBSESSED over these metal word tags from JoAnn's which is also where I got the pins they are hanging from.  I just took a frame from the flea market, then covered a piece of foam board with burlap, secured that to the back, glued the corks on that, stuck in the pins, and then because I couldn't find ribbon I liked I used a strip of fabric to make the bow.

Tinkerbell is in the picture above... so I decided to give you a glimpse of my real life: 
I am currently using the craft/card table in the kitchen while finishing my refinishing of the kitchen table (over a year in progress)... and Charlie thinks he's a cat too...

Also made this stepping stone- LOVE it!

This idea I came across on a blog somewhere... just glue buttons to paper to make a rainbow and framed it.

This is just a cute little floral arrangement I made for like $6 from Dollar Tree in a vintage bowl from the flea market.

So far this summer...

I went to the city Farmer's Market...
(bought two starts of lavender :) )

 Our art district downtown: Massachusetts Avenue aka Mass Ave...
(I bought a 3 legged ceramic lucky pig at a Fair Trade Store and had a delicious burger from a local restaurant)

One project off of my summer to do list!
A letter frame to hang on my front door!
Initially I had painted this letter to look like faux wood, but didn't like it... usually when I don't like something it either gets covered in glitter or buttons... this one got buttons :).  The circle peeking over the one arm of the K is my peep hole in the door- there are two of them?  One for adults and one for short kids maybe?  Anyway... I love it and eventually plan to paint my door red so the aqua will super pop!

So far my first week of summer break has involved:
  1. two grad tests
  2. a drunk driver rear ending me- later was caught by police after causing another major accident across the street from where I was standing waiting for police to come
  3. babysitting for my brother (3 and 5 year old girls and an almost 8 year old boy)
  4. my first trip to the dentist in several years- not good results... makes me feel completely incompetent and like I've failed- working on dealing with these feelings as I get dental work done, goodbye savings account
  5. putting a small dent in some yard work
  6. watching one movie
  7. going to the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange and Talbot Street Art Fair
  8. Advertising with Nichelle at Vintage Wanna Bee
  9. Meeting new principal at school
  10. Realizing I own a hundred summer dresses and need to do thirty dresses in thirty days or something of the sort on the blog....
Done with my randomness!  Hope you are enjoying your summer!
If you get a chance check out Sheila at Blissfully Shabby , she is super sweet and I'm loving her projects!

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  1. Oh my gosh, that cork art is the cutest thing ever!!!!! I LOVE it!!!


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