Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Coffee" Date

If we had coffee today I would tell you…

That first off, it would be a soda or a milk shake... because I have neither in my house and I hate everything about coffee!

I would have taken the lint roller to free myself of the Pomeranian fur that fills my hair brush every morning from sharing my pillow with Macey and the bed with Charlie.

Source: nytimes.com via Laura on Pinterest

Most likely my mind would be slightly panicking over the statistics grad course I'm taking and how I have slacked off for a week and now have to play catch up.

It would be somewhere air conditioned and I would probably have my hair up in a messy pony tail looking something like Drop Dead Fred with the sweaty frizzies because for some reason his face comes to mind every time I sweat and get crazy flyaway hair!

I'd tell you how I stink at housekeeping and have dishes piled up because there are ten million other things I would rather be doing than the dishes or housework.

Tomorrow though I plan to work on catching up in my grad course, putting clear coat on the refinished kitchen table, and tackling some of those dishes.

The house is in disarray and there's randomness everywhere, but that's just another reason to escape for a "coffee" date right? Ha!

Sometimes I fear that I am failing as a grown up because of my house. The siding that's missing off of the shed, the overgrown weed bushes sticking through the fence, my hatred of using the weed eater, the constant pet hair EVERYWHERE, the animal smell I combat on a daily basis, the piling dishes and laundry, the kitchen that is the random landing place of anything and everything that enters the house, and don't even open the door to the craft room!

But since we are on a "coffee" date I'm sure we would both laugh and you would also share that you don't keep an immaculate house either! And that my occasional memory slip up of paying a bill a couple days late happens to everyone at some point.

By now I probably would have sucked down one soda and would be working on the second half of another. Or if it is a milkshake I'll be drinking water or making slurpy noises because of all of the chocolate ice creamy goodness!

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