Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fun things that start with "F"

1. Farmer's Market

Butterfly Bush $5... buckled up for safety: priceless

Bouquet in jar $3, Homemade chocolate chip cookies $3

2. Friendship

Gone with the Wind hat

Kinda liked this one... cept I have a big head and it's like five inches of NOTHING on top of my head!
My Bestie Sarah from Love, Love, Love

3. Flea Market
My Drive

Numb From Dental Work... Drinking From a Straw = FAIL

Flea Market of Choice

Lavender $2.25 each for two plants... from Farmer's Market
Red and White Pan $1 from Flea Market

Vintage Tin and Circus/Letter/Number Stamps $3

Vintage Cookie Press (like new!!!) $4

Right now I'm in the middle of moving my classroom to another room (UGH!). Monday is another dental appointment and Wednesday Sarah, her sister and mom, and I are going to Shipshewana...

It's an Amish flea market and I promise there will be lots of pics to follow!

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