Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Are you EXCITED? I'm EXCITED! I'm going to have some major blogging going on here soon. Since the start of three week break from school (which I am working 8:25-noon for the first two weeks of) I have been busy, busy, busy already! I have redone a chair and it's seat, made my brother paint an aquarium stand for me- still a project in the works because it's too plain, went treasure hunting at the flea market and landed some MAJOR finds, and CANNOT wait to share with all of you! YAY! So EXCITED! AND I decorated the outside of my house for fall/Halloween! YAAAYYYY!!!

AND I forgot! I am going to make my own aquarium background... because I really despise the generic fish/ocean/floral backgrounds... if I have to have this huge thing in my house it is going to add to my decor and show my style! :D

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