Monday, October 12, 2009

Before and After Desk Chair AKA Cat Launching Pad

This old desk chair has been around since my mom was a teenager (she is now in her early 50s) and even before that as my grandpa got it off the curb when he was a garbage man. The bottom of the desk which my mom has stolen back says "Victoria Talking Machines". I've been told this was an old music player, no date on the label though so who knows how old it really is. Anyway, as you can see the seat has seen better days and the thing is super rickety.


And now, after unscrewing the old seat and ripping off the material, throwing away the saw dust filler, adding layers of an old sweater, covering with a red suede, spray painting the chair, distressing it (overly), and reattaching the seat we have my first ever chair redo/reupholster/distressing EVER!!! I'm excited about the finished product!!!

Even if it now only serves to match my kitchen as a launching pad for my old, fat, grouchy cat to get his booty up on the counter where his food bowl is so that he doesn't further destroy the beautiful handmade wood cabinets this house was blessed with.


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