Friday, October 23, 2009

Charlie's First Week: Lessons Learned

I bought this crate for Charlie because he is partially crate trained... we had a little bit of confusion about this as Buddy decided he wanted inside it instead!

Day One:
Never pick up a cute puppy if you don't want to buy it

Day Two:
Puppies get you lots of attention out in public

Day Three:
Some puppies cannot be contained by a baby gate- they simply see it as another opportunity to plan a great escape (I'm baffled because he didn't chew his way through it and it's twice as tall as him!)

Day Four: Puppy naps are a great opportunity to take a shower

Day Five:
Rugs, potty pads, and anything else not attached to the floor are toys to be drug through the house

Day Six:
You don't have time to watch your favorite show when there's a puppy driving the other animals crazy

Day Seven:
We have our fingers crossed that things will keep getting better!

Story of the day: My mom came over to visit the animals while I was out shopping with Sarah. She calls me cracking up because she let the dogs out to pee and when Charlie came back in he had something in his mouth. My mom thought it was a stick... turns out it was a big fat worm!!!


I laughed so hard... and Sarah gagged! :P

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