Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Atlanta, Indiana: New Earth Festival

Okay, so this past weekend Sarah over at LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and I went to the New Earth Festival in Atlanta, Indiana with my mom, aunt, and cousin's daughter. We had tons of fun and saw tons of food... and crafty things :). It's basically like an outdoor flea market/yard sale. Here are some of my fun finds:

This was only 50 cents! AND my kitchen is done in red and white! I fell in love with it. I told Sarah I was going to put it on my kitchen table... she said I don't have room, my mom agreed... from the next photo- I guess they are probably right...

These are ALL of my finds on my tiny table!

The two cat trays were only 25 cents each! My red and white kitchen is also done in cats and paw prints... so I'm going to glue some ribbon on the back of these and hang them up!

The container is my own, but it is filled with homemade doggy treats purchased at $3.50 for a bag FULL! My puppy is super happy!

I became addicted to the gourmet dip by Delicious Living. It's Zesty Garlic and yumminess! Also, $4.

Total amount spent on goodies: $8.50
Total amount spent on food: $8.00 (two pepsi's ($2), a jumbo hot dog ($2), and chili cheese fries ($4)!)

THEN, my cousin had this super cute bow in her hair. She paid $5 for it from Claire's. They didn't have yellow so she asked if I could make her one... I'm thinking it's a project I can manage!

On the way home she fell asleep in front of me. I decided to see how many braids I could get in her hair before she woke up... unfortunately we got to my house before I finished- Sarah and I got a good laugh out of it though!

Now, Sarah and I spotted these adorable things for $10 each and refused to pay that much. We are now going to take it on as a craft to create and sell at the Holiday Bazaar for hopefully a more affordable price... we shall see!

October 10th is my first trip to the Mansfield, Indiana Covered Bridge Festival! More fun to come!


    I love it.

    and I love that all of pictures!

  2. LOL That's because every time we hang out it is total awesomeness!


Thanks for sharing the love! :)

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