Monday, September 7, 2009

Wednesday Words

Okay blogging buddies, I'm sure this will get off to a slow start- but I am going to launch it anyway! I don't know about you, but I LOVE quotes. I am a quote collector, from movies, books, people, tv series, you name it- if it touches a layer of my life then I write it down and save it (Okay I'm also somewhat of a pack rat). So, I was thinking- what fun would it be to find out quotes that have touched other people's lives? That's why I'm launching Wednesday Words! If you want to share a quote that means something to you (with the source as well of course- if it's anonymous just state so), then just link back to my blog in yours or if you would like me to list your blog site on my own so that there is a directory people can go to, just email me your name and blog address by Tuesday 8am EST. I was also trying to decide between Sayings Sunday or Wednesday Words and decided Wednesday would be a nice day for quotes since it is the middle of the week and we all need a little something to get us through. Let me know your thoughts!


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