Sunday, March 21, 2010


Alright... get ready.... because I'm going to be posting more often!

The reason I don't post that often is because I'm lazy when it comes to uploading pics. I'm also lazy when it comes to emptying my memory card... so when I go to upload there's like 300 pics to go through to get to what I want. So today I'm going to go burn everything to a cd, empty my memory card, and get goin' here.

I have so much to show you!

  1. I've repainted an aquarium stand and created my own background for the tank
  2. Learned to make rolled fabric rosettes
  3. Made an adorable button headband
  4. A few chalkboard trays
  5. And I'm in the process of cleaning my craft room... you will die when you see the before pictures- it gives a whole new meaning to unorganized
Anyway, I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting... like all of the necklaces I've made, but I'll be posting soon. I'll also be buying envelopes and needed packaging to send out those giveaway items and FINALLY my pay it forward items as well! I'll email you when they are shipped (either Monday or Tuesday).


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