Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 Quick Projects & 1 New Pair of Shoes

Project One:
What is this you ask?
Maybe you're thinking it's a decorated wooden block...
Or perhaps just a small plaque?




It's a chalkboard eraser!!!

I have a post to show later of my shelf/coat hanger redo where I destroyed a scratched mirror and turned it into a chalkboard. When I put it on display I knew I needed the eraser, but didn't like having it just sitting up on the shelf... so I mod podged some white paper on, then added a scrap of burlap, hot glued on my chipboard letters and VOILA!

Project Two:
I LOVE the Family Rules that everyone has been making out in Blogland... but I don't have a family to make rules for! I doubt my six pets would follow the rules, not saying that they couldn't read them, just that they wouldn't even be able to see them if I didn't post them at floor level!

My solution: rules to craft by! I plan on hanging this on the door to my Craft Room in the hallway. It was super easy, just pick you rules, pick striped paper or some paper scraps, glue them down to a large piece of chipboard or wood and set everything out on the paper! Cute and so easy!

If you can't read mine they say:

Keep Calm and Craft On
1. Choose Happiness
2. Create
3. Be True 2 Yourself
4. Imagine
5. Do What You Love
6. Dream
7. Inspire
8. Flourish
9. See Differently

I spent an amazing day with my friend Sarah today for a late birthday celebration. She treated me to Chili's (my favorite) where we enjoyed their awesome chips and salsa (homemade in restaurant) and I had my fave monterrey chicken with loaded mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. We then did some shopping at Payless and JoAnn's, followed by going to see Alice in Wonderland! It was a great movie! I chose that over Remember Me because we figured Remember Me is probably sad and I said we should see Alice because it is full of bright colors (LOL)!

Here are some cute and super COMFY shoes I grabbed at Payless for $17.99!

I could sleep in these! There's a navy blue pair I'm totally thinking I need to go with the dress I posted about back on Monday!


Enjoy the rest of your week!

I will be hanging out with friends and forcing myself to do some grading and IEP paperwork for the return to school on Monday!

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