Monday, March 29, 2010

Beneath My Heart Linky Party and Inspired Project!

Okay this is my FAVORITE project of March! And it is all thanks to Traci over at Beneath My Heart and her awesome video tutorial! I love her!

Traci uses cork board on the back of her sheet metal... but I'm far too cheap to buy it so I just grabbed some foam board from Dollar Tree!

Glue the foam board around the edges of your sheet metal to make it thicker and prevent a trip to the hospital for stitches (haha). I cut it with my trusty box cutter (more daring adventure for me!)

Now, you flip that bad boy over and are ready to put on your fabric if it's thick. If it's not thick your metal will shine through. Traci spray painted hers... spray paint and I do not get along and it takes too much time... so I grabbed out the mod podge and covered it with a thin coat.

I had some tissue paper on hand from my recent birthday so I just grabbed it out of a nearby gift and smooshed it on the metal (seriously- I didn't even stress over wrinkles). Then you cut off the excess... if any holes appear just rip a piece from the excess and dab it over the hole.

Now, when I saw this fabric at JoAnn's I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I just knew that I NEEDED it. So I only got a half yard because I don't have the money to blow right now. Ended up that wasn't enough... uh oh... cept... I had leftover BURLAP! So I decided to add some burlap and ribbon for magnet parking at the bottom.

(BTW at some point in this process I ran out of hot glue and had to run to Dollar Tree to get more. I had a stare down with it in the craft aisle when I got the foam board on the first trip, but I was SURE I wouldn't run out *eye roll here*)

Okay, so there was a massive hunt for the magnets around my wreck of a house- but no fear I found them! I painted them pink because those awesome little pebble stickers didn't cover the whole magnet and I didn't like the black showing!
All together now.... OOOOOOOH!!!!!


Thanks Traci!


  1. I love it! Great idea to use the foam! Again, I love the colors in your fabric. Thanks so much for being so sweet to me! :)

  2. YOU HAVE ONE AWESOME BLOG!!! I'LL BE BACK to make that magnet board and check out your projects!


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