Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Burlap Tray

Alright, I've been redoing (or actually taking the time to DO) my bedroom. I decided I needed a tray for my dresser to sit all of my trinket boxes on and had no luck finding a picture frame that fit my idea. Then it struck me...

These are two wood "screens" (they look like shutters to me) that I picked up at the local flea market for $1.99 each last year. I had planned on just putting them up on the wall as is because I love everything about them, but that never happened and they just sat around neglected.

I suddenly decided one of said screens would make a great tray! So... I whipped out my leftover burlap from my magnet boards and cut myself 8 strips about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide each that were as long as the screen. Then I wove them through like so, alternating every other row. After I had woven all of the strips through I just used my trusty hot glue gun to secure the ends to the top and bottom of the screen after I pulled them tight.

Finish project:

Beautiful tray to hold my little treasures!

I love it! I want to do it to the other one too, but I'm thinking maybe ribbon and lace? We'll see!

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