Friday, July 23, 2010

Painting Blahs

I've been trying to paint two shelves, a metal tiered thing, and some terra cotta pot saucers and wooden dowel rods. Spray paint and I are not getting along. It keeps running because it's drying uneven and I'm impatient. Then I ran out of the cheap white so I decided I'd just use the good ivory... but it's taking TONS of paint to get an even finish! The metal tiered candy dish thing... well in certain areas the paint is wrinkling up like it's going to crackle! I sanded those spots and wiped them clean and tried repainting and the same thing is happening again! I don't understand!!! :( So for now I'm angry with the spray paint and the metal tiered dish. Anybody know why it's wrinkling? It's stupidness. :(

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