Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Classroom AKA My Second Home

My computer area.... those three letters are the wall are from my friend who was my Secret Santa one year at our previous school.  All were written in poem form and incorporated clipart of my favorite things.  They also gave much needed encouragement.

Close up of my teacher randomness.  The pink box holds a four year old chocolate Easter bunny... too cute to eat!

My teacher resources and attempt at organization.

Front of my desk with my remade wood box!  The red line on the floor is duct tape marking off the do not pass area for students. 

My view of my desk.

 Framed crayon letter K from my bestie Sarah.  Basket at the bottom holds my clipboards, basket on top holds "quiet animals" which I used to pass out to my quiet students when I pulled groups.

Turn in tub and carpet squares on part of a shelf I bought from Menards for $9.97!!!!

 My classroom- desks set up in 3s (I don't have a class, I'm a special education resource teacher.  The most students I have at one time are 20-30 for Success for 30 minutes, but with the back table and the desks and a few carpet squares all are happy!)  That is the rest of the green shelf!  I use it for my Smartboard projector because the kids kept moving the cart and the table it was on last year.... this thing totally stays in place.

Doors labeled with paper cut with my Silhouette.

Cubbies for student work.  Baskets on top holding materials for reading groups my assistant and I have during intervention time, and whisper phones.

Reading area.  Green line indicates that students may go in this area.

I love this!  It's a spinning book rack I got from a friend.  It holds all my leveled book sets!

Well- that's the best I've got of my room at a glance for the time being!  I didn't want to overload with photos!  That brown wood cabinet is actually full of drawers that I have labeled and organized with materials!  It's a hot commodity.  As is my semi circle table in the back of the room that I brought from my previous school. :)

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