Saturday, October 15, 2011

Creative Practicing: A Grad School Project

This is what you get with 12+ hours of creative practicing:
It involved four hours with a friend to make the rolled roses, wreath, bows and ruffled flowers.
An hour baking a cake.
Three hours making a clutch purse.
Two hours painting and mod podging.
Another hour finishing the painting.
An hour of recipe scrapbooking.
AND another hour + to make the corkboard and mind jar!!!!

Fall wreath with new rolled felt roses (cut in a scalloped pattern instead of just a spiral):

Recipe Scrapbook:

(I painted one color band at a time and then dumped the glitter on while the paint was wet. Then added words cut from magazines that are meaningful to me, hope to add more words!)

Finally successful with making felt bows for hair clips!
Ruffled jersey flowers for brooches:

Wine Corkboard
(I used wine corks from a friend that are REAL cork. First though I traced the back of the frame on a piece of foam board, then glued burlap over the foam board, glued all that onto the back of the frame and then glued down the corks- going to add a big bow to the top since it's not centered!)
Mind Jar- for relaxing and calming down in time out
(You fill a container with 2/3 warm water, 1/3 gel school glue, and then a tablespoon of glitter. I also added some food coloring to get a yellow color water. For my kiddos I'll be remaking this in a plastic water bottle!)

Ruffled Zipper Wristlet Clutch!!!
(So excited about this!!! First time I've ever sewn in a zipper with my sewing machine! And used fusible fleece for the first time EVER! Also added the removable wrist strap! I LOVE it!)

Mod Podge Cigar Box
(I used a piece of wood from the inside of the box to cover the writing on the original lid, then I used my pedicure tool to carve the heart and the word joy into the top like a tree carving :) ).

Rolled Roses:
(Tried to make the little roses by making a knot and then gluing it down to felt and gluing down as I rolled... not sure how I feel about the finished product. It's thinner than my normal rolled roses, but would be nice for headbands. The process was much quicker than my normal roll, fold, and glue method.)
Chocolate Pudding Cake:
(Pinned on Pinterest and made for my mom's birthday. It was a big hit and involved NO eggs!!! That part surprised me!)

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