Sunday, October 16, 2011

Covered Bridge Festival FUN!

I took a much needed break and spent the day shopping one of the many covered bridge festivals in Indiana. We hit up this one every year, it's in Mansfield, Indiana near Brazil.

It's like... an hour+ drive....

Hellacious TRAFFIC in STAND STILL BUMPER TO BUMPER lines through the whole town...


I go once....
three times...

Don't judge... it's addicting and super fun... see pic below!

I came home today with a blown glass hello kitty pendant ($2.99), a pandora bracelet with six charms ($10) (bee, elephant, turtle, apple, angel, and "born to shop" bag), and four nail polishes ($5)

I also devoured:
1 apple dumpling from Heaven with ice cream ($5)
1 grilled ham and cheese sandwich that everyone is in search of ($7)
2 cans of soda ($1.75)
1 bottle of water ($1)


for $4

There were like 2 dozen of those melt in your mouth, cinnamon sugar, elephant ear like heavenly morsels in my bag... and they are all gone... with no picture...

Guess that's another reason for visit number 2!!!

And the fact that I must own the $25 white hat in the above pic that I passed up today... as well as a pair of rhinestone Hello Kitty earrings and a clip in pink hair extension...

Any of you ever been to a covered bridge festival? Thoughts? Recommendations? Tagalongs?

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