Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What to Do...

School started back over a month ago...
Since that time I have gained 10 pounds (seriously).
Went from sleeping 10-12 hours to 4-6 (yes I still sleep like a crazy teenager).
I still haven't finished washing all of the dishes (ridiculous yes).

Now I am the only resource teacher for 29 to 32 students with special needs.
Given they are in their classrooms so I don't have everyone in my room, but I'm definitely stretched to the second.

I feel as though I've lost myself.
I've lost all time for crafting and creating.
I almost feel numb some days.

I've pondered closing my etsy shop.
I've wondered what kind of new designs I could add.
Felt as though I've failed at keeping it going and getting it to it's full potential.
(There are mountains of coordinating fabrics that I bought to make rolled roses for stuff for the shop that haven't been touched.)

Source: None via Amy on Pinterest

I know we all go through times like this, or at least I'm told.

So now I've stolen a quiet moment to ramble on here.
I also stole a couple moments a few nights ago to play around with photoscape and paint.net on the computer.

Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest

Now I'm preparing for another late night of school work.
Good news is that they are working on putting another teacher with me half days to help out at the school...

Until then... I'll be around...
Pinteresting an imaginary vacation and craft wishes!

Source: joann.com via Amy on Pinterest

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