Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer To Do

I was catching up on the posts over at Love Stitched and was inspired by her Summer To Do post so I'm doing my own!

  1. go see my friend's daughter's dance recital
  2. spend my annual day in Nashville, Indiana with Sarah
  3. go in at least one new flea market
  4. primer, paint, and glaze the kitchen table I sanded down in the garage
  5. organize my fabric in the craft room
  6. finish Charlie's puppy scrapbook
  7. paint something in the house (finish the bedroom, redo the baseboards- something!)
  8. give away some more things to Goodwill (including CLOTHES!)
  9. go through my massive shoe hoarding
  10. complete 2 graduate courses
  11. add at least one new item to my shop
  12. post that tutorial I've mentioned previously for a giveaway
  13. ship out bracelets for the charity project my students participated in
  14. finally finish and ship Miss Ashley over at the Shine Project her SMS Sweet Sailing necklace as seen in my shop as a thank you for inspiring me to go for it! (she is awesome, we love her, and if you need some inspiration for life- go check her out!)
  15. check out some of the sites downtown
  16. plant something
  17. play outside with Charlie
  18. make a new dessert
  19. revisit Metamora, Indiana
  20. eat a hurry burger- you have to have one to understand
  21. take pictures of summer fun with friends!
What are you doing this summer? Link up or just drop a comment to let me know!

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