Thursday, June 9, 2011

My To Do Before 30 (ish) List

I made this list when I was 19 after reading Mandy Moore's list of 60 things she wanted to do by the time she was 30 in Seventeen Magazine. I just recently came across it again and thought it would be an interesting share. I had wanted to do all of these by the time I was 30... but that's not going to happen on some of them- thus the ish!

  1. have a boyfriend X (Yes, I really hadn't had a boyfriend yet at 19... but it happened later that year)
  2. get married
  3. have kids
  4. volunteer one day a week
  5. get my cartilage pierced (I now have a tattoo though... this one may cancel out)
  6. publish one of my stories
  7. have one of my paintings displayed
  8. help build a house
  9. babysit X
  10. graduate college X (Now going for my Master's!!! First in my family to go to college!!!)
  11. lose weight
  12. get my hair done in a salon X
  13. get my nails done X
  14. get a pedicure
  15. have someone do my makeup X (Thank you Mary Kay)
  16. read all the books I own
  17. plant a flower garden X
  18. work a sewing machine X (And break it :( )
  19. learn how to cross stitch X
  20. take art lessons
  21. learn how to play the piano
  22. learn how to play the guitar (I own a cheap guitar... it's pink... still can't play)
  23. donate money to charity X (donated to ASPCA for a couple years)
  24. drive on the interstate X (My mother REFUSED to let me drive on the interstate- now it's the only way I travel!)
  25. go to Nova Scotia (part of my Titanic obsession- want to visit the cemetery)
  26. go to Paris
  27. touch a dolphin
  28. see a sea turtle X
  29. get a new stuffed sea turtle X (my first dog ate mine!!!)
  30. kiss a guy X
  31. smile more X
  32. put together a photo album X
  33. see the sunrise
Let me know if you share a list you have for life! I'd love to visit and see what your hopes and dreams are!


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