Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little Irritated

Okay... I'm a little irritated here... maybe more than a little. Why are there random comments being left on my blog that look like they are written in hieroglyphics? Then when I click to check out the user who left them, it's a blog full of the same hieroglyphics. I try to delete the comments, but they don't go away. It's frustrating me. So... I have now turned on comment approval in order to try to prevent more of these comments from posting.

BTW... it's summer break!

Right now that means I have to pack up my entire classroom for the district to move to my new school because they closed our current school due to budget cuts :(. I am so sad to be separated from my school family and students, but I won't go into that right now because I've cried enough today!

A parent came in today and volunteered to help me... she was in shock at how much I had... that's kinda what happens when you are a resource teacher for ALL grade levels!

Hope to be back posting soon!


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