Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pink Saturday: Favorite Childhood Holiday Memory

(My three tree fairies from the very first year I lived on my own!)

My favorite holiday memory from my childhood was getting together with my mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve to open presents. My mom's side of the family is my rock that has made me the person I am today and stood by me through thick and thin. I LOVE my family more than words can say.


  1. There is no great love is there. So touching and warm, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  2. I hope you are having a wonderful day and looking forward to many more days with your Mother's family.

  3. I'm so glad you like my Beauty Tip Tuesdays. I get my least amount of comments on those days, but I figure there's gotta be a few out there interested! :) I've been thinking about starting a blog called SHE'S GOT SWANK. And making it a fashion blog. Maybe I'll make it a fashion/beauty blog and take Beauty Tip Tuesdays off Cuegly....hmmm


Thanks for sharing the love! :)

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