Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back and on Break!

Ahhhh! How I love being on break and being able to ACTUALLY read all of my google reader blogs. The tree is FINALLY up and decorated- as of last night at 10pm (No lights this year tho because Charlie is still a cord chewer- he's still only 4 months old tho so he should grow out of it)! Now I have to get to crafting my Christmas gifts!

Also, for my pay it forward gals, your gifts will be coming shortly! They may not arrive til the first week of January, but I have my supplies for my new (and awesomely awesome) idea that I know each of you will love!

Lastly, I've found myself getting mad at my blog choices because so many people have pics of these immaculately clean houses! Well- mine isn't! My craft room is currently called the crap room- because that's where all the craft crap has landed and hasn't been organized. So during my two week break, I plan for before and after pictures of my cleaning. There will also be some shelf installing in the closets or some major crap storage boxes bought. I PROMISE to show you where I've hidden all my junk because I always look at those pictures and scream, "WHERE'S THE CRAP? WHERE'S THE CLUTTER?" Not that I love crap and clutter, just that life happens.

So, I had an amazing week of Secret Santa gifts at school with fun poems and a touching letter on Thursday- for the reveal of my Secret Santa as the gym teacher on Friday. He was the best Secret Santa ever- he raised my spirits, made me smile, and touched my heart and soul. He still says we need to debrief to ensure that I understand the full meaning of everything in the letter- I think I've got it. So, I'm off now to craft some presents and wrap everything- can't wait to see more of you all!

Lots of LoVe,
Amy + 6 critters (Reggie, Buddy, Tink, Charlie, Squirt and Poppy)

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