Sunday, August 16, 2009

Google Reader

Okay fellow bloggers, if you don't know about Google Reader you HAVE to check it out. My friend Sarah over at Love, Love, Love shared it with me. It's awesomeness! It tells me all the new posts to my fave blogs on one page! Gotta try it! <3 href="">

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  1. Hello. Still visiting my Pink Saturday but since you have a new post, I opeted t ocomment here :-)

    Google reader is really a help isn't it? :-) Very easyt to access to.


    (you know,about your PS post, I can understand how you can't resist to take a photo of your kitty. :-) How often do you see one daydreaming by the window LOL Love your curtains too. I like the flower details at the bottom and that it is not too thick but alows sunshine to pass through.

    Hope you had a fun 1st PS! :-) )


Thanks for sharing the love! :)

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