Monday, August 31, 2009

Creative To Do List

Unfortunately, with school back in swing and my duties keeping me busy I have not had time to craft and create- unless of course we are talking station charts, picture schedules, behavior plans, and bulletin boards. Here is a list of the creative things I'd like to try when I have another break (sorry for not posting pictures... I'm feeling incredibly lazy tonight):

1. Cute Address Display... over at The DIY Show Off she has created address numbers on flower pots and pumpkins! So cute!

2. Classy Wipe Off Calendar from Stacie over at The Creative Crate

3. Letter Block Displays also from Stacie at The Creative Crate

4. Basically anything from Stacie at The Creative Crate... judging by the starred projects on my Google Reader

5. My teaching clipboard is in need of some major love like this one from Amy at Modge Podge Rocks

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  1. First of and your cat are heLARIOUS! LOVE IT!
    Second of all! I'm so glad you like the works of my soon to be bella bracelets!
    I'm thinking of selling them (to make a little after purchasing the products) around $60.
    So we shall see! Thanks for stopping by!


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